Basic Electricity Best MCQ

1. Which of the following material has nearly zero temperature-co-efficient of resistance?
2. Which of the following is the poorest conductor of electricity?
3. The voltage drop per ampere meter of an aluminum conductor is higher as compared to a copper conductor of the same size due to the its higher.
4. Which of the following material possesses least resistivity ?
5. For a flexible cable, most suitable insulation is--
6. If a 220v heater is used on 110v supply heat produced by it will be as –
7. Two 100w , 220v lamps are connected in series across a 220v supply. The total power consumed by each camp will be –-- watts.
8. For a given line voltage four heating coil will produce maximum heat , when connected ……..
9. In most electric iron, the thermostat used for controlling temperature is-
10. Which of the following conductor has lowest resistivity at 2730k
11. Which of the following material has a negative temperature co-efficient of resistance?
12. The maximum size of fuse for protecting a 220v,7500w motor should be –-- ampere.
13. For testing insulation between the heating element and the body of an electric iron, you would preferable use-
14. If a live conductor of a public supply touches earth metal
15. Which of the following insulator is most affected by heat ?
16. Kirchhoff’s voltage low (KVL) is not valid for a non-linear network.
17. Which of the following stays the same in all parts of a series circuit?
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