EEE Formula (Part-2)


EMF of Primary Winding/Phase, Ep = 4.44NPM Volts

EMF of Secondary Winding/Phase, ES = 4.44NSM Volts

Transformation Ratio , k or a = Ep / ES = Np / NS  = IS / IP

No Load Loss, ω= Vi IO CosφO

Working Component, IW = IO CosφO

Magnetizing Component, Iµ  = IO SinφO

No load Power factor, CosφO = ω/ Vi IO

Condition for Maximum Efficiency is:  Core Loss = Copper Loss

Hysteresis Loss, Ph = Kh f Bm 1.6  (Watt) [Here, Kh = Constant, Bm = Max. Flux Density, f= Frequency]

Eddy current loss, Pe = Ke f2 Bm2 t(Watt) [Here, Ke = Constant, Bm = Max. Flux Density, f= Frequency, t = Thickness of lamination sheet]

KVAMAX = KVARATED √(Core Loss/F.L Copper Loss)

Full load copper loss 400W, in half load copper loss is: 400x (1/2)2


Auto Transformer:

Transformed Power = Delivered Power x (1-a)

Conducted Power = Delivered Power – Transformed Power



EMF (RMS)/Phase, E =  4.44φfT KP Kd Volts

(Here, f= Frequency, T= No. of Turn, φ = Flux/Pole, KP= Pitch Factor,  KP= Distribution Factor)

%VR =( VNL – VFL ) / VFL  x100

NS = 120f/P  (NS = Synchronous Speed RPM,  f= Frequency, P = No. of Pole)


AC Motor:

Slip, %S = {( NS – NR ) / NS  }x100

S =( NS – NR ) / NS  

S = fr/f

NR  = 120f (1-S)/P

NS = 120f /P

fr = S x f

(NS = Synchronous Speed RPM, Nr = Rotor Speed RPM,    f= Frequency, P = No. of Pole, S = SLip)

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