EEE MCQ: Basic AC Circuit

Alternating Current (ac): Current from a power source that changes polarity periodically.

1. The frequency of alternator having 4-poles and rotating speed at 1500 rpm is ----Hz
2. A 50 Hz alternator will run at the greatest possible speed if it is wound for.....poles.
3. The winding of a 4-pole alternator having 36 slots and coil span of 1 to 8 is short pitched by....degrees.
4. If an alternator winding has a fractional pitch of 5/6 , the coil span is.....degrees.
5. When speed change of an alternator is changed from 3600 rpm to 1800 rpm, the generated voltage/phase will become-
6. For proper parallel operation, a.c polyphase alternator must have the same--
7. Z=?
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