EEE MCQ: Diodes

1. A crystal diode is a .... device.
2. A crystal diode has--
3. A crystal diode has forward resistance of the order of ---
4. If the arrow of crystal diode symbol is positive w.r.t bar, then diode is --
5. The forward voltage drop across a silicon diode is about--
6. An ideal diode is one which behaves as aperfect --- when forward biased.
7. A crystal diode is used as -
8. The d.c resistance of a diode is-----its a.c resistance.
9. If the doping level of a crystal diode increased, the breakdown voltage is--
10. A zener diode has--
11. The doping level in a zener diode is --- that of a crystal diode.
12. A zener diode is always ---connected.
13. In the breakdown region, a zener diode behaves like a----source.
14. A zener diode is a ---- device.
15. A zener diode has ---breakdown voltage..
16. A zener diode is destroyed if it--
17. Zener diode are used as--
18. A pn junction that radiates energy as light instead of heat is called--
19. A photo diode is normally.
20. When the light increase , the revers current in a photo diode.
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