EEE MCQ: Distribution of Electrical Energy

1. Which distribution system is more reliable?
2. Common declared distribution voltage in Bangladesh for low voltage circuit is....
3. For a consumer the most economical power factor is generally...
4. At distribution substation voltage is stepped down to..
5. ...are the conductors, which connect the consumer terminals to the distribution.
6. The loads on distribution system is...
7. A circuit is disconnected by isolator when...
8. Which of the following distribution system is more economical?
9. In a distribution system major cost that of...
10. Poles which carry pole in distribution?
11. For combined power and lighting loads are used............ system.
12. Which of the following has best suited for 3-phase 4 wire service?
13. A lightning arrester is usually located nearer to-
14. Corona is likely occure maximum in-
15. Earthing is necessary to protection against-
16. A booster is connected in ...... with the feeder.
17. Boosters are basically
18. The dc interconnector is used to ...... the voltage drop in various sections of the distributor
19. A distributor is designed from ....... consideration.
20. Which conductor are connect the consumer's terminals to the distribution ?

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