EEE MCQ: Semiconductor Theory

Semiconductor any of various solid crystalline substances, such as germanium or silicon, having electrical conductivity greater than insulators but less than good conductors. In electronics these are generally doped to from either N-type or P-type material. These materials are the foundational material for diodes and transistors, which is used on electronics circuit. Silicon is the most common material used to build semiconductor devices.

1. Which of the following is linear and bilateral parameter?
2. Which semiconductor device acts like a diode and two resistors?
3. When used as a regulator, a zener diode is ........ biased
4. After firing SCR, the gating pulse is removed. The current in the SCR will.....
5. A diac is equivalent to a.....
6. A LED is basically a ...... PN junction.
7. The unique characteristic of LASER light that is....
8. Zener diode is used primarily as
9. Electronics device that convert ac to dc are called-
10. FETs have similar properties to...
11. When a transistor fully swithed on, it is said to be-
12. The collector characteristics of CE connected transistor may be used to find its-
13. Current flow in a semiconductor depends on the phenomenon of-
14. A Zener diode has ....... breakdown.
15. A semiconductor has generally .......... valence electron.
16. A semiconductor is formed by ...... bonds.
17. A semiconductor has ........ temperature co-efficient of resistance.
18. A reverse biased pn junction has resistance of the....
19. With forward bias to a pn junction, the width of depletion layer-
20. The barrier voltage at pn junction for germanium is about-
21. A clamping circuit adds ............. component to the signal.
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