Mechanical Engineering Interview Math

Mechanical Engineering Interview Math Questions:

1. A block 30 m by 30m weighing 80 Kg. The friction of Co-efficient from the block and earth is 0.27. find out the embedding force.

2. A cylinder bore 80 mm and 100 mm stroke and clearance volume 70*10 to the power 3 mm3 what is the air standard efficiency?

3. A refrigerant is rotated at 20 ton capacity, how many pounds of air per hour will it cool from 90 degree Fahrenheit to 70 degree Fahrenheit at constant pressure. What is the approximate engine horse power required to operate the plant? (Assume COP=4 and CP=0.24)

4. Calculate the dia of a solid steel shaft to transmit a torque of 24,000 lb-ft with unit stress of 8000 psi.

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